Onedrive Image Hosting Test

This is a test post for testing hosting image on Onedrive through OneIndex.

Obsession: Utilitarian Minimalism

One of my source for satisfaction. I made that term up. don’t even know if it’s a thing. Because I never do this in an intentional way so there’s no formal definition. Other applicable terms including ‘anti-consumerism’ or ‘anti-swissknifeism’ or ‘anti-overkillism’ or ‘anti-louisvuittonism’ … you get the general idea.

A List Of Reasons Why I Love Linux

Some trivial reason that made me love linux and ditched windows.

OneIndex Deployed

As you can see on the title bar I deployed OneIndex to my shared library. Nothing interesting. Don’t click in, nothing more.


A monthly list of quotes. Will be updated before it’s deprecated.