A List Of Reasons Why I Love Linux

Some trivial reason that made me love linux and ditched windows.

  • It’s a breeze to use rclone in terminal to sync files from all sorts of drives and cloud services. Terminals are just awsome in general
  • Many Linux DEs have smart window color inversion support out of the box. In windows I need to start magnifier and enable screen inversion which is clunky and stupid.
  • Linux is much more light on disk usage. I can install a full-fledged Manjaro KDE distribution into a sandisk 2.0 usb drive and it’s still useable! I even made a Linux drive for a friend’s daughter for her to play minecraft. Imaging doing that with windows without a ultra fast specialized usb drive with SSD controller.
  • UI of windows 10 is a half-baked monstrosity. I remember the old days when Win7 looks more well made than most Linux distributions. Also nothing beats Linux on customizability
  • I feel high when I receive update notification on linux. I even keep multiple installation of different distributions of linux to experience this multiple times. Win10 update is just stupid UX design and breaks my driver almost every time.
  • Pacman is a bliss.
  • System cleaning is a breeze if you understand how file is organized in linux. It’s impossible to understand how rubbish is organized in windows.