Obsession: Utilitarian Minimalism

One of my source for satisfaction. I made that term up. don’t even know if it’s a thing. Because I never do this in an intentional way so there’s no formal definition. Other applicable terms including ‘anti-consumerism’ or ‘anti-swissknifeism’ or ‘anti-overkillism’ or ‘anti-louisvuittonism’ … you get the general idea.

I have an obsession for minimalist lifestyle but not exactly in the conventional way, which focus more on aesthetic. I want to stress on the utilitarian part of things but it’s completely compatible with aesthetic minimalism, and they indeed bring out the best of each other.

Get the job done properly with minimal resource gives a huge sense of satisfaction. It’s not intentionally focus on cheaper solutions but this does saves a lot of $$.

I’ll give some example on this.

Purge the Shortest Plank: Products should be very well designed to serve it’s purpose, and there shouldn’t be any significantly shorter plank relative to other planks. (Thus the rule is recursively applicable). A short plank, usually manifested as a badly designed sub-component that affets the products’s overall functionality or longevity. This disregards utilitarianism by voiding or denouncing the utility of other components.

Cheap made in China mechanical pencils have intolerably oversized lead sleeve which made the entire pencil uselss garbage.

Pentel GraphGear 1000 is inferior to it’s cheaper alternatives because it uses plastic for part that is prone to break before anything else.

Reparability: You either make the product super reliable, or overall very crappy, or very reparable.

It’s an abomination that you need to replace the entire motherboard if one fuse blow up(fuck you Apple, do you even know the meaning of FUSE?).

Even if I don’t swap the switches for mechanical keyboards, I still prefer switch hot-swappable keyboards.

No Overkill: Use overly sophisticated/powerful tool/solution to solve a problem is very dissatisfying. Use overpowered devices to run non-power-intensive tasks is resource-wasting, money-down-the-drain thing to do.

Purge Non-functional Subcomponents: If it removal doesn’t hiner the overall functionality, remove it.

I’ll only wear clothes with any character printed on when I’m actually going to do a public protest, which is never.

Utility Primacy: Aesthetic considerations are subjective and compatible with functionalism, but use expensive/luxury material for no good reason is pure stupidity.